Migration Review Tribunal (“MRT”) – Refugee Review Tribunal (“RRT”)

If the DIBP refuses an application, then in most instances an unsuccessful applicant may be able to seek review of the application at the MRT or the RRT.

It is always best to have representation through a person who is a Registered Migration Agent preferably with legal qualifications. Over the time that William has been a Registered Migration Agent, he has taken numerous matters to review in both the MRT and RRT, usually in relation to:

  • spouse/partner visas
  • carer visas
  • student visas
  • visitor visas
  • skilled visas

William has had considerable success with review applications before the mentioned Tribunals. In most applications, William has taken matters to the Tribunal, where either the applicant him/her self or their Registered Migration Agent have not undertaken the application properly and/or thoroughly enough and William has been able to rectify the situation with the end result being that the visa in contention is ultimately granted.