Passing the Health Test

Passing the Health Test

Australia has very strict requirements in regard to health requirements and all applicants for visas are required to undertake stringent health requirements, with adult applicants being required to undertake the following:

  • a thorough medical,
  • chest x-ray; and
  • HIV blood test

Applicants will be rejected if DIBP determined that a prospective applicant has a health condition that would be likely to result in a significant cost to the Australian community in the areas of health care and community services; or prejudice the access of an Australian citizen or permanent resident to health care or community services.

“Significant cost” is worked out through a formula over a period of time.

Where the DIBP provides an estimation of costs, this should always be queried and the applicant should undertake obtaining their own estimation of costs. 

Further, some visas, such as partner visas or second stage visas provide for a health waiver, where the health requirement may be waived where the applicant can provide evidence that the granting of the visa would be unlikely to result in undue costs to the Australian community and/or Australian permanent resident would not be unduly prejudiced to access to health care or community services if the applicant were to be granted the visa.